What do you do when you have to give a reading at your brother-in-law’s wedding, you have a 4 year old to entertain in the run up to the wedding, you are the greeter at the groom’s house when all the people and paraphernalia arrive and you need to keep the best man sober? Well one thing you don’t do is join your mother-in-law and sister-in-law for a morning at the hairdressers.

I am cursed blessed with naturally curly hair which frizzes at the first sign of moisture – did I mention the torrential rain on the day? Fortunately I remembered that some time ago my sister had made some beautiful slides (she has the same curse blessing as me) but I could only find one, and it was the wrong colour.

So after several failed attempts I managed to copy her design and make my own:



The picture’s not good quality but it was the closest I could get to show the detail – there is a gem in the middle with pearl effect beads at the tip of each petal. I was up at 6am for a wedding at 2pm and washing my hair and clipping it back to let it dry naturally worked and meant I was able to fulfil my duties throughout the day instead of spending the morning in a salon with hairspray and hot rollers.

Oh and the ‘practice’ flowers came in useful to put on the Wedding Tote that I posted about yesterday.