I’ve started an Etsy shop. And while I don’t profess to have the skill of some of the other people on there I hope that you will stop by and have a look at my wares.

Many of the items that I talk about in my blog will eventually appear there (once they have been perfected). At the moment there are some bags and some hair clips similar to the one’s featured in my posts about wedding dilemmas.

The shop can be found by visiting RhodesAnnalsDesigns
http://RhodesAnnalsDesigns.etsy.com (Rhodes is my maiden name and I should hopefully be selling some of my sister’s fantastic cards and jewellery in the future).

Even if you don’t like my stuff you are bound to find something you like in the many stores on Etsy – don’t be put of by the fact it is in US$ – many sellers are from the UK.

Any suggestions or requests are most welcome.