Okay not another shameless plug about my Etsy shop. I’ve been exploring Etsy’s site and the many ways you can find items to buy.

You can always use the boring search tool and type in your key words and scroll through the pages that come up to find what you want.

OR perhaps you are looking for something to match a particular outfit – search by colour and pictures that contain that particular shade of blue will pop up. You can click on the picture for more information, or (which is more fun) hold with your mouse and fling across the screen to see what is underneath.

TIME MACHINE & TIME MACHINE 2 allow you to go back in time’ to see items listed at a particular time – time machine 1 displays them in a spiral with the most recent first (again you can fling them or click on for more details) or you can move the clock to a particular time. Time machine 2 has a more linear format and you can show items just listed or items just sold or those that are about to expire.

You can shop local – finding sellers in the next town or just limiting your searches to UK sellers.

You can use the Geolocator – a globe world map with the 100 most recent listed items marked.

Pounce is a feature that allows you to see items from sellers who have yet to make a sale or those from sellers who have just made a sale.

The treasury are lists by members of their favorite items from other sellers – they could have a particular theme such as a colour or jewelry.

There are also gift guides – where you can search for a particular occasion.

There are other great features to search by too – and before you know it you will be lost in a world of beautiful things.

It can be off putting that all the prices are in US$ but there are many UK sellers on there and you can find currency converters on the web to help you work out the costs.

There’s also the Textile Directory which I mentioned last week – as well as being able to advertise in the directory you can search it for equipment to make your crafts as well as finished items.

If you know of any other great sites please feel free to mention them in the comments box.