I’ve been going through the yarn sent via the Yarn Box Charity De-stash trying to decide what to make. One of the balls is 100% Soy Silk. It’s made by a company called South West Trading Company and is totally and utterly gorgeous. There isn’t really enough to make anything with but I think I’m in love.

You can see it on the bottom left of the picture. Unfortunately it seems that it isn’t available in the UK – there are some SWTC yarns but none are pure Soy – there seem to be a few sock versions that are 70% wool and 30% Soy. It knits up slightly too chunkily to be a preemie item and there isn’t enough for a scarf.  So for now I will keep fondling it and musing on what I can make whilst I knit up the rest for various charity projects. If anyone knows of a stockist please let me know!