November 2008



There’s just under 24 hours left to enter the giveaway which closes at noon tomorrow.

There have been some lovely and constructive comments and I’ve tried to take them all on board and fix the problems.


I’ve made my first sale in my Etsy shop – this lovely bag is now on it’s way to a very discerning lady in Staffordshire. You still have chance to enter the competition to win another of my bags here.

I’ve also added some lovely stocking filler hair clips to my shop. As I’m in a good mood why not ask me for a discount.

STOCKING FILLER  Hair Clips/Slides - Pair

I know I’ve been a bit quiet of late. I’ve been knitting and stitching and then doing a bit more as well as editing and running around after my son. Plus my beloved laptop had broken so I am ‘sharing’ my husband’s – which isn’t going well.



I’m going on a long car journey (and back) over the weekend so I need to think of what to take with me that I can knit/crochet in the dark (I never did get around to purchasing those light up hooks and needles.

As well as supplying the shop I need to get my Christmas orders fulfilled – only a month away!

There’s still time to enter the giveaway for one of my bags – right up till 12 noon on Friday 28th. Read all about it here.

Back at the beginning of this month I wrote about Erin. Earlier this year I met a fellow crafter who had suffered a similar loss last November. Today she has launched two charity auctions of her fantastic nappy and wool soaker outfits with 100% going to the charity SANDS. Clair says on her blog:

‘As some of you may know my daughter Abigail Scarlett was stillborn on 21st November 2007. We were devastated but help was there from the charity SANDS. I have been running a series of auctions on the 21st of each month to raise money for SANDS. Some auction lots have been kindly donated by my friends, others I have made myself. To celebrate what would have been Abigail’s 1st birthday I am running 2 very special auctions.  I have made 2 nappy and wool soaker outfits, one with a pink snails theme and one with a daisies theme.’


Now if I’ve done it correctly you should be able to click on the pictures above and be taken directly to the auction on eBay – if not go to Clair’s blog (in fact go there anyway) as she has the links there.

I think I’m getting addicted to the anticipation of waiting for a list to become free and fighting to get it!

I have another one up but WordPress won’t let me put the picture up today – you can find it here. Please pop by and comment.

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