Another sad post I’m afraid. On 4th November 2007, about 9.30pm, I received a text from one of my best friends who was expecting a baby ‘at any moment’.

‘… got terrible news. We’ve lost the baby. Going into hospital now to give birth …’

Understandably my friend had sent that message to her entire mobile phone list and then switched her phone off. I was devastated for her and spent the night praying that her experience of being induced was better than mine.

They called their little girl Erin, she looked perfect in every way and had been fine at her last check up on the 1st.

Since then my friend has been fundraising for the Transitional Care Baby Unit at the hospital where she was cared for. It is the same hospital where my son was born and if the unit had been up and running then we would probably have used it (he was jaundiced and struggling to feed).

For the month of November I’ll be donating 10% of all sales in my Etsy shop to the unit – in memory of Erin.