I’ve been feeling rough for the last few days. Yesterday I lost my voice – well not totally I discovered that if I went for a very deep and slow voice I could speak at almost normal sound level. the trouble was it scared the cats and sent my son into convulsions of laughter. If I try to speak normally it comes out as a squeak!

Today I had to venture out as my son had a birthday party to attend at one of those soft play centres. With my squeaky voice I didn’t want to try and make small talk with the other mum’s from nursery whilst our children whacked each other with plastic balls and PVC covered foam shapes.

I couldn’t take my latest editing project as i did need to leap in every now and again and separate fighting children. So I took my crochet hook and some yarn. Unfortunately that sparked interest and lots of people wanted to talk to me about it. I’m not sure what it’s going to be yet – theough there were a few suggestions.

The best question was from 4 year old Jenson who said quite demandingly – ‘who taught you how to knit?’ He was unconvinced when I said ‘my grandma’. There must be a very highly regarded knitter in his life as he seemed most affronted that ‘someone’ else knew how to do it!