Happy 2009. Phew Christmas was a blur … well, did I finish it all in time?

Finishing a cowl in 4ply (seemed like a good idea at the time) – finished Dec 23rd

making fingerless gloves and hat to match a scarf already made for grandad – finished gloves at the cinema on the 23rd (13 yr old cousin was not impressed!) decided to leave the hat for now.

scarf in fun fashion wool – finished Christmas Day afternoon but went down well when it was opened on boxing day.

2 x hot water bottle covers (late special order) – after speed knitting in Christmas day my hands needed a 2 day rest so my sister had one to take home with her on the 30th. Waiting to hear if it is fit for purpose before sewing the other one up and posting it to her.

sewing up at least 2 of the 5 bags I’ve got cut out – I managed to do the 2 – finished the 2nd on Christmas eve.

sew up 2 tasselled hats (for adults!) – done.

finding and adding some pearl buttons to my mum’s present – didn’t get pearl but raided her button stash and got some that looked a bit like mother of pearl. She’s on the lookout for ones that she likes.

making a start on the none too small pile of editing I have to do ‘over the holiday’ – I’ve done a bit, well half.

write the last Christmas cards for the neighbours – delivered Christmas eve

make my traditional rum truffles (let alone the fudge I usually make but I’ve already decided not to) – finished Christmas eve, eaten by boxing day.

WRAP presents (buy the wrapping paper in the first place). Finally completed at 10pm on Christmas Eve (last year it was 3am Christmas morning so an improvement).

Since Christmas I’ve knitted 2 hot water bottle covers (though only sewn one up), made a pair of fingerless gloves for my aunt and I’m halfway through another cowl for my etsy shop.

For Christmas I was given lots of sewing cottons by my OH and yarn and knitting needles by my mum. My dad found some more ‘vintage’ knitting patterns and my sister bought me three knitting books. So I think I’ve got the family’s permission to keep on with this craft thing.

I managed to buy a lot of my presents on etsy and I hope to be showing you a few of them over the coming weeks.