September 2009

Back in January I took part in a Ravelry swap based on new techniques – I chose felting. I only got around to trying it out a few weeks ago but it took off from there.

swap 004

The brown and pink bag is made from the Althea bag pattern and wool that I was sent as part of the swap. The turquoise and purple bag is crocheted from lopi (which I wasn’t sure would felt but did beautifully) and the odd shaped object was supposed to be a felted tie – a work in progress as my husband won’t wear anything knitted (his mum used to run a yarn shop) so I tried to fool him. Unfortunately it felted to well and is now too small and too thick to be a tie – it may transform into a snake like draught excluder!

swap 005 swap 006 swap 007


It probably hasn’t been the best time to start an online shop but I’ve learnt a lot over the last year and met some great online freinds. The best bit is that people have actually bought from my shop and loved their purchases. I’ve discovered that I enjoy picking up a piece of wool or fabric and creating something to my own design.

So to celebrate the shop now has this announcement:

****It’s our Etsyversary this week from now until 12 noon GMT on Fri 25th Sept we’re offering 10% off in the shop – just mention the etsyversary sale in the message to seller at check out and we’ll refund you via PayPal *****

and if you don’t know the address already it’s:

Actually 3 months since my last post! Life has been pretty eventful.

julyaug 034

Yes! We’re expecting! The cold that wouldn’t go away turned into bronchitis – something I’ve never had before which meant I left it so long to visit the doctor. Shortly after that I started to accuse friends and family of smelling strange and I had a bad back – it was my husband pointed out that those were symptoms I had when I fell pregnant with our son. Though we’d been trying for some time to extend out little family it was still a big shock as we’d given up trying.

julyaug 035

Unfortunately concentrating on a pattern – even one of my own devising – has been virtually impossible due to morning sickness but I’m hoping that will subside soon.

The pictures aren’t a clue – we don’t want to know what flavour we’re getting until he or she arrives – I just happened to have knitted the set for my friend’s little girl who arrived in July (I won’t tell you how long it took me).