Actually 3 months since my last post! Life has been pretty eventful.

julyaug 034

Yes! We’re expecting! The cold that wouldn’t go away turned into bronchitis – something I’ve never had before which meant I left it so long to visit the doctor. Shortly after that I started to accuse friends and family of smelling strange and I had a bad back – it was my husband pointed out that those were symptoms I had when I fell pregnant with our son. Though we’d been trying for some time to extend out little family it was still a big shock as we’d given up trying.

julyaug 035

Unfortunately concentrating on a pattern – even one of my own devising – has been virtually impossible due to morning sickness but I’m hoping that will subside soon.

The pictures aren’t a clue – we don’t want to know what flavour we’re getting until he or she arrives – I just happened to have knitted the set for my friend’s little girl who arrived in July (I won’t tell you how long it took me).