A couple of weeks ago I was felled with a chest infection (again) made all the worse by the fact that you can’t take anything stronger than paracetamol to ease the symptoms when you are pregnant. In the end the doctor prescribed me some antibiotics – which brought on some much welcome sleep but left my brain too foggy to do any work.

So I sat and crocheted – I searched my stash for pure wool and made some little mobile sized pouches. Then I bunged them in the washing machine and anxiously waited for the results. Well out came some very strong pouches that were still big enough to hold a mobile phone and some essentials. I decorated them with buttons and added a clip and they are now in my etsy shop.


I also finished off something that I have been working on for a while. I didn’t plan it but once I started with this wool I knew that it had to be made into a bag and it took shape of its own accord. It is truly one of a kind as I wont be able to replicate the pattern or source the yarn again.

I’m working hard to fill up the shop with lots of items suitable for the festive season as gifts for yourself or others. The next couple of weeks are traditionally when most Christmas shopping is done.

So as a little incentive I’m offering free shipping from now until Friday 4th December for anyone mentioning my blog in the notes to seller at checkout in my etsy shop.