I have worked within the publishing industry since 1996, training as an editor ‘on the job’ and with the PTC. I have been working as a freelance editor and proofreader since 2005 and I’m an advanced member of the SfEP.  My background is in the social sciences and the arts – though I have worked on various subject areas. I also have interest and experience in parenting issues and my adventures in yarn and stitches. If you want to know more you can contact me via here.

As a youngster I was rather ‘crafty’ and was taught to knit by my gran and sew by my mother with various other relatives and crafts involved in between (I have a collection of antique lace bobbins but hadn’t the patience for lace making). About 2 and a half years ago – I gave my husband due warning – I bought some wool and dragged my old knitting needle bag from the back of the wardrobe and started knitting. A few months later I dragged my ancient sewing machine out from the bottom of the wardrobe and decided to make myself a bag – unfortunately it didn’t work and the ancient sewing machine died quietly but I bought a new one and tried again.  This blog is my adventures in relearning old skills and getting to grips with new ones and writing about something I know a little bit about. If you are a yarn fanatic too you can find me here.

To subsidise my yarn and fabric addiction I have set up a shop here, though sadly I need more sales before my husband makes me pack it all in and sends me out to do a ‘proper job’ (he works for a supermarket chain and ‘night shift shelf stacking’ has been mentioned). I also do a bit of test knitting and crocheting – so please contact me if you are a designer who needs a garment made up or a pattern tested.

I also volunteer with the NCT and in the past I have chaired the local branch, set up toddler groups, fundraised, fundraised, fundraised and I still write and edit the local newsletter. I’ve also contributed, as a parent, to parenting forums – some of which resulted in a book and its follow up. I have one son at school and his brand new baby brother has just made a welcome addition to the family.


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