Good grief – its been a year since I last posted! What on Earth have I been doing? If you follow me on Facebook you might have some ideas.

Two children are definitely harder work than one. But I haven’t been resting on my laurels – I just got out of the habit of blogging.

One of the best things about the last year however is the discovery of Summer Pudding in Newark and as a result my gifts are now stocked in a bricks and mortar shop and Zoe, the proprietor, and I have been offering workshops in knitting, crocheting and bath bomb making (Zoe also runs jewelry making and cupcake decorating classes at the shop). It is a little Oasis of calm and I really enjoy my visits there. We’re already planning Christmas themed workshops for when the kids are back at school.

I’ve been putting together lots of kits and writing simple patterns for the ladies that come to the workshops too.



It’s that time of year again when we have 2 birthdays within 48 hours in our house. I’m busy planning a fantastic party for my little one (not so little now that he’s going to be 7) and I’m hoping to relax for my birthday the day after.

But I have to celebrate in some way. So to mark being 21, again, I’m giving 21% off in my etsy shop if you use the coupon code BIRTHDAY – till Wednesday 13th July.

So come along and join the birthday fun.

I have lots of blog posts to write to catch up with our goings on over the last few months – but if you can’t wait that long then please visit my facebook page.

Strawberry hearts and vanilla stars

I’ve always been a great fan of bath bombs so I got really excited when the first issue of Making magazine landed on my doormat back in September. There was a whole feature on making your own bath bombs.

I soon treated myself to a kit to make my own. I found that it wasn’t as easy as it looked but I was hooked. So much so that my husband bought me an assessment so that I would be able to sell any bath bombs that I made.

Orange and Cinnamon mmmmmmm

This obsession – of course – led on to something else – lip balms!

Christmas Pudding bath bombs

it’s been a while since I posted any thing and a lot longer since I posted anything that wasn’t announcing a sale or promoting something! I have been meaning to write this post for a while now – I taught my son to knit! (way back in the Summer).

For the past few years my eldest has rarely seen me without a knitting or crochet project. Early in 2009 my mum also decided to pick up her needles again – she had a plan to knit hats for the joy bags her women’s group put together (she also crocheted a beautiful blanket but that’s another story).  So the inevitable question came – ‘mummy, can I knit?’

I’m left handed and my son is right handed but as my mum taught me, and she’s right handed, I actually knit right handed so I didn’t think that it would be a problem. I soon found that the only way to teach him properley was to perch him on my knee and hold the needles with him. He started doing a few stitches of whatever I was knitting and then got bored and would move on. He did this with his grandma to when he saw her. He’s a bit of a livewire and never sits still so I really enjoyed these quiet moments when we would sit together – though he did usually seem to ask just as I was feeding the baby!

During the school holiday’s I was trying to design a scarf for a magazine competition and my son played a huge part of it – he liked changing from knit to purl and back again, wanted a scarf he didn’t have to tie and pom poms. We knitted the prototype together.

Then he felt ready to try on his own needles – the result is a bit holey but he’s grasped it really well and is so proud of himself. Father Christmas brought him lots of brightly coloured wool and a beginner’s knitters kit (unfortuantely aimed at girls and he has no interest in knitting the little handbag!). His dad did sigh and shake his head but had to admit that it is the only time (other than with the dreaded console games) that our son will sit calmly for 20 mins.

Apparently my son had been so excited that he told his friends at school and this week I went into his class to help the teacher to teach knitting. We’ve started with French knitting, which the children I started with picked up almost immediately. I know I cant’ teach the children in class on my knee so any tips would be greatly appreciated! We’re hoping to join in with the Knit 1 pass it on fun here.

As for the scarf that my son designed – well it didn’t get through to the competition but we’ve put it up onto the free pattern page for you to enjoy here



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I hadn’t meant to be quiet for so long! Time has flown and lots of blog posts have gone unwritten.

Suddenly it is September and that means that my Etsy shop has been open for 2 years this month so in celebration I am offering free international shipping (refunded by paypal) if you wish me a happy etsyversary in the notes to seller at check out.

Happy September everyone – it’s not long until Christmas!

This weekend we have two birthdays and next weekend is my baby boy’s Christening so I’m in the mood to celebrate!

Happy Birthday

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