This weekend we have two birthdays and next weekend is my baby boy’s Christening so I’m in the mood to celebrate!

Happy Birthday

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My Hug a Hottie was sent on it’s merry way to a new owner at the end of last week. I hope it gets there safely and they love it as much as I do. It is still on my list of ‘patterns to write’ – like the blanket I made for my son that I pictured in my last post. I wonder if I ever will …

My latest project was delivered on Saturday 27th February – at 17.01, just in time for tea – after 9 and a half hours of hard work from this tired mum.  We’ve named him Harry Michael and his big brother Luke is very proud of him.

Most of the items that I knitted or crocheted for his arrival are too big – even though he weighed 9lb 5oz at birth – but the blanket that I finished a few days before his arrival is perfect.

We’re still finding our feet – trying to get feeding and sleep in synch – and my body isn’t recovering as well this time so I’m likely to be out of commission for a while. Thankfully I have a 5yr old willing helper, well for 5 mins before his arms get tired …

Every term my son’s school has a ‘theme week’ where each child is supposed to work on a project with their family on a particular theme. This week it’s ‘Rainbow Week’ so my son’s project was ‘Spinning a Rainbow’ – helping mummy spin yarn of course!

First we took some wool dyed in rainbow colours (from the Rainbow Room):


 We had to pull off little strips ready to twist into yarn – red, yellow, pink, green, orange, purple and blue.


Then we spun the wool using a drop spindle – you spin the spindle like a spinning top and it twists the wool tightly into yarn that you can knit with.

Once all the wool was spun we wound it off the spindle onto the back of a chair to take all the kinks out – can you see the rainbow? 

♫ Red and Yellow and Pink and Green, Orange and Purple and Blue, I can spin a rainbow…♫


 Then we had to soak it in cold water to set the twist

And hang it up to dry before twisting it into a hank ready to use.


 My son was so proud taking his wool into school today – and I’m sure he’s the only one taking in hand spun as his project!

The time since Christmas has flown by. Being housebound due to snow and family instructions not to step outside in case I slip over as my pregnant belly has knocked my balance a bit wasn’t fun. Finger’s crossed the snow has gone now – though it tried to snow again last night.

I’m now 3 weeks off my due date and the nesting instinct has kicked in big time. With my 5 year old I didn’t knit anything but this time I have finished a pair of booties and 2 hats, I’m halfway through a pram blanket and I have crocheted lots of bunny snugglies – so much so that I’ve added one to my etsy shop.

I’m still wondering how I can convince my husband to name our son/daughter after yarn – Rowan is perfect isn’t it?

Well that well known soft drink advert is on the tv and the shops are full of decorations which means the season of giving is almost upon us. My American friends refer to this coming weekend as ‘black Friday, cyber Monday’ but even when I worked in a shop as a student I knew we’d be busy during the last weekend of November – the last pay day before Christmas.

So as a way to help out a bit during the holidays I’m offering free Worldwide shipping in my etsy shop until 4th Dec.

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A couple of weeks ago I was felled with a chest infection (again) made all the worse by the fact that you can’t take anything stronger than paracetamol to ease the symptoms when you are pregnant. In the end the doctor prescribed me some antibiotics – which brought on some much welcome sleep but left my brain too foggy to do any work.

So I sat and crocheted – I searched my stash for pure wool and made some little mobile sized pouches. Then I bunged them in the washing machine and anxiously waited for the results. Well out came some very strong pouches that were still big enough to hold a mobile phone and some essentials. I decorated them with buttons and added a clip and they are now in my etsy shop.


I also finished off something that I have been working on for a while. I didn’t plan it but once I started with this wool I knew that it had to be made into a bag and it took shape of its own accord. It is truly one of a kind as I wont be able to replicate the pattern or source the yarn again.

I’m working hard to fill up the shop with lots of items suitable for the festive season as gifts for yourself or others. The next couple of weeks are traditionally when most Christmas shopping is done.

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