It’s been a while since I wrote about my stitching. I’ve been searching the Internet for bag making patterns after my attempts at making a big bag.

I found one on this great site.

I used the free pattern for the Hobo Bag to make this.

It’s a bit small for me so I’m going to give it to my aunt for her Birthday next month.


I’ve been knitting hats for Innocent Smoothies for the past few days but something has been playing on my mind.

It’s coming  … Christmas.  Which means only 77 knitting and stitching days until Christmas!  No more dreaming about the socks I’m going to knit and the handbags I’m going to make – I need to get started – especially as there are several birthdays in November and January too.     

My postie just delivered a parcel containing a book order I made with some of my birthday money.

In it was this and this.

I can’t wait to start on the amigurumi as I must have one of these little doggies! (I found the picture on Flickr!)

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Look out for one of these appearing on my blog soon I can’t wait. As for the knit for me (yes I’m the ‘plus-size’ one) that may take some time.

It’s always the way – when something needs to be finished you just can’t get it right!

This was my 3rd attempt for the front of a top for my 9 year old goddaughter’s birthday at the weekend.

argh! Had to unpick it again!

argh! Had to unpick it again!

I finished it with about 30 minutes to spare and apparently she loves it because it’s not pink (last year EVERYTHING had to be pink).

Finished Honesty Top

Finished Honesty Top

If you are thinking that you’ve seen it before – you’d be right (here) – only this was a much larger version. My son also proudly told her that he’d helped to make her a birthday bag – and if you think you’ve seen that before you’ve probably visited my Etsy shop 😉
birthday bag

birthday bag

Jacob Fleece Raw

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Didn’t we have glorious weather at the weekend? Sunday was spent with my gorgeous goddaughter celebrating her 3rd birthday at Avon Valley Country Park.

I must admit to being a little distracted. In the corner, in a black sack, was a Jacobs fleece – for sale. I kept glancing at it and then I sneaked off to touch it, rubbing the wool between my fingers. I don’t think I’ve ever coveted something so much. But what to do with it?

I texted Mrs Flowerpot as I know she spins her own wool. Was it a good price? She wasn’t sure without seeing it but prices on the Internet were a little more. Did she want me to bring her one home? No,it was too much hard work preparing a fleece for spinning. So no chance she’d spin it for me then …

In the end it was a busy day and there were no staff to help me so I left the fleece behind. When I returned home this was in my inbox which gave me a pang but as I didn’t quite make it home without putting more petrol in the car it was a good job I hadn’t spent the last of my cash. Oh and my husband would probably divorce me if I brought more equipment into the house!

However my best friend did clock how distracted I was and the sign said ‘unusual Christmas present’ so maybe with a few hints …