I think most knitters would agree that they want their knits to be used by their loved ones and passed on through the family.

Our family has one such knit – it was made in 1978 for mine and my sister’s Christening day. I was 4 so I didn’t wear it but since then it has been worn by at least 6 members of our family (both on the paternal and maternal side) – 2 of which were my son’s.

It was made by my paternal grandmother, who still knits today but suffers from arthritis so can’t do anything so fancy. Before her arthritis got too bad she made my sister and I blankets to match the gown.

It’s a bit more cream than white and my youngest only just got into it at 5 months (he’s a big boy) but I love it and it is safely packed away for the next baby in the family (maybe the one in the pregnant belly showing beside me in the picture).

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