My latest project was delivered on Saturday 27th February – at 17.01, just in time for tea – after 9 and a half hours of hard work from this tired mum.  We’ve named him Harry Michael and his big brother Luke is very proud of him.

Most of the items that I knitted or crocheted for his arrival are too big – even though he weighed 9lb 5oz at birth – but the blanket that I finished a few days before his arrival is perfect.

We’re still finding our feet – trying to get feeding and sleep in synch – and my body isn’t recovering as well this time so I’m likely to be out of commission for a while. Thankfully I have a 5yr old willing helper, well for 5 mins before his arms get tired …


I learnt to knit at my grandmother’s knee. Being left-handed I have an unusual style – I knit right handed but hook the needle under my right arm and my left does most of the work – this has ended in many bent needles. My mother taught me to crochet but I never took to it.

I was defeated at 18 by a huge aran cardigan with cables – something went wrong at the shoulder and though I finished it I was disappointed with the result. It was about that time that I met the boy who would later become my husband – up until a few years previously his mother had been the manager of a wool shop and he abhorred everything to do with knitting.  there is one picture of me at uni knitting squares so I must have kept on for a while but I don’t remember when I put my needles away. I always thought that I would knit again when I had children but I was so busy during my pregnancy that I didn’t even think about it. My mother in law and my aunt gave me some beautiful cardigans for my son and that’s when my fingers began to twitch. I found that a lot of the clothes I put him in were knitted and I kept thinking ‘I could do that’. However it wasn’t until he was 18 months that I sat my husband down and gently told him that I’d been secretly buying knitting magazines and I’d ordered some wool and it was going to happen whether he liked it or not. He was a bit hostile at first but 2 years later he’s resigned to the ever growing stash that is hidden behind a chair in our living room. He has even held his tongue whilst that pile has been added to with my ever growing fabric stash with my new stitching craze. I think the fact that I solved a lot of Christmas present dilemmas with Debbie Stoller’s scarves last year helped his tolerance! Over the next few posts I’m hoping to share my reaquaintance with knitting and my new stitching craze (this year’s Christmas presents will be bags). Feel free to comment and offer advice as we go.