Marnie Ann over at curly purly has a free halloween pumpkin pattern online. If you have a go email photos of your finished pumpkin to her and she’ll put them in the gallery.


In fact this is the first pattern I’ve ever written. I caught the preemie knitting bug whilst knitting for Loving Hands and have been experimentintg with different designs and stitch patterns.

A couple of months ago Knitting Magazine (from the Knitting Institute) ran a competition to design and knit a preemie set. The result was this:


Bee Stitch preemie set

Bee Stitch preemie set

It is my first ever attempt to write a pattern and you can download it either by clicking on the patterns box on the right hand side or from the link on the Free Patterns page.

It looks a bit complicated but once you get used to the stitch it is easy and the end result is really cute. Please feel free to comment with your tips and experience in writing knitting patterns.