Shortly after I’d started knitting again last year I realised that it was just the tonic I needed. I had been quite unwell in the Spring which had resulted in the hospital stay and I was aware that I’d run myself ragged with my editing work, looking after a 2 year old and my volunteer work for the NCT.

I took a step back and knitting was a way of ensuring that I sat down every now and again. I made a couple of jumpers and a cardigan for myself and my husband was getting scared that I’d start on him soon! I knitted 100 innocent smoothie hats for Help the Aged and several red squares for the Children’s society and had caught the bug for small achievable projects. That was when I discovered Loving Hands – it is an organisation of knitters from all over the world who knit for various causes (though the organisation was founded in Scotland there are knitters across Europe and in Australia and New Zealand). The founder, Linda Jaap (or Lou) sets a number of challenges for each quarter – so hats for the Sailor’s society, warm clothes and blankets for Blythswood Care, innocent Smoothie hats, Origins ginger scarves, premature baby sets for PreemiesUk and hospitals around the country, school jumpers for Feed the Children and baby hats for Save the Children are a number of charities that the group are currently knitting for. Crocheted items are also welcome and several of our members stitch items such as Angel pockets and bags as well.

No one has a set number to make and we can pick what we want to make out of the list. We’re currently on our 4th challenge and have smashed the totals of the previous two. the challenge has a couple of weeks left to run but i haven’t made much for it yet so I need to get those needles clacking ….