Whilst the weather here has been pretty fantastic I’ve not been feeling well. For the last month I’ve had one of those colds that don’t go away. This week I felt better and attempted the gym again at the beginning of the week but had to stop as I felt dizzy and then ended up spending most of yesterday in bed (unable to sleep because of the coughing). Basically my husband and I keep passing the cold backwards and forwards but he seems to bounce back after a couple of days while I have the long drawn out version.

I have been doing some crafting. Mainly knitting up a cardigan for my mother – she chose the pattern and the wool and I’m learning new stitches and skills – I’m almost finished with about half an arm to go so I will share photos with you once it is finished.

I’ve also felted my first jumper – well I found it at the back of my wardrobe having had a slight accident in the washing machine (in my husband’s hands) a couple of years ago. It was the first thing that I knitted when I got back into knitting in 2007. On finding the discarded garment at the bottom of the wardrobe – an now having some idea of felting – I finished the job. I’m hoping to make it into at least one bag for my etsy shop in the near future.

I’ve also discovered the delights of the drop spindle with thanks to my swap partner on Ravelry. I can’t wait to knit up the current yarn on the spindle (maybe a present for father’s day).

I’ve also missed a few shops of the week!

This week’s shop of the week is That’s Headly and you can find all about the shop here.

peasI love the peas in a pod jewellery.

Last week’s shop of the week was A Cagey Bee which you can read about here. I am so sorry that I missed this one as it has been a favorite shop of mine for some time.


I paticularly love Kris’ ‘Angel with one wing’.

The previous shop was Tamdoll – who you can read about here.


I love these mermaids and am inspired by the art cuffs in her shop.