I popped to Sainsbury’s yesterday to get some petrol and wandered over to the cold drinks cabinet in the hope there would be some smoothies donning hats. And there he was! I simply had to have him! The most perfect Father Christmas perched atop a smoothie, especially for me.

Unfortunately I made the purchase on the way to a soft play barn with my 4 year old. My friend brought along her kids and her 5 month old was a little bored, so I entertained him with my newest purchase – he loved him and, well, father Christmas went home with him – but I managed to get a snap to remember him by.



Tomorrow may be ‘Bonfire night’ to many but it’s also the day where you’ll see something strange in Sainsbury’s. They’ve teamed up with Innocent to sell their popular smoothie drink topped with little hats.


Why? Well the aim is to raise £250,000 for Help the Aged – 50p from each be-hatted drink sold. So if you’re popping out for your lunch tomorrow pop into your local Sainsbury’s and treat yourself to a smoothie, you know you want to.

p.s. a lot of the hats are much, much better than mine – have a look at the Hat of the week gallery.

I’ve been knitting hats for Innocent Smoothies for the past few days but something has been playing on my mind.

It’s coming  … Christmas.  Which means only 77 knitting and stitching days until Christmas!  No more dreaming about the socks I’m going to knit and the handbags I’m going to make – I need to get started – especially as there are several birthdays in November and January too.