I recently (well 18 months ago) decided to take up knitting again. Then I dabbled in crochet. Then a few weeks ago I got the sewing machine out to make a bag. I’ve been boring my facebook friends with pictures and my husband’s eyes glaze over when I delight in a new stitch so I thought I’d start a blog about my adventures in relearning old skills and trying out new ones.

I hope you enjoy my posts and please feel free to comment, give advice and swap stories in the comments.


2 Responses to “What’s this all about?”

  1. I didn’t realise you had this additional string to your bow.

    I haven’t knitted since, aged 18, I knitted a fabulous Aran sweater for my then ‘officer and a gentleman’ boyfriend. About two months after I gave it to him we split (not sure who dumped whom), and I haven’t knitted anything since.

    I’m sitting at my desk sporting an Aran made for me by my mother at the same time as I did the above; yes, I’ve been wearing it pretty much every week since 1984!! She used special washable wool in that lovely natural colour; and I particularly like the fact that she got lost at one point, so the cross-over pattern is wonky.

    Re: your other career, which you say elsewhere is not currently as you would hope, I reckon you should get those needles clicking and start selling your product. I met a fellow editor at SfEP conference who does something similar; she makes wedding accessories (http://www.madebylawrie.co.uk).

    Good luck with this blog.

  2. I love your site. Keep it up !

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