Just before Christmas my little sister asked me to make her a couple of hot water bottle covers as she’d got some without covers and didn’t like not having that extra layer.

I looked in a few mags for patterns and sort of followed one but I wanted to do something different. So I put a pocket in the front – just right for giving your hot water bottle a hug when you need a bit of comfort or need to warm your hands. I didn’t follow the guide in the pattern to knit in 2 pieces and insert the bottle by rolling it up and dropping it into the neck so I made one with a flap at the back to insert it instead.

My first attempt was completed just before she left after Christmas. The trouble was that I had lots of bits to sew up – the second one is still sitting waiting for me to sew it up.

After making these two I started to think about the pattern, surely it could be done with minimal sewing. I’ve therefore been working on a pattern to sew the cover in 2 pieces – the cover and the pocket.


I’ve had a lot of positive feedback about it so I need to perfect the pattern and perhaps put that in my etsy shop too.


The Rhodes part of Rhodes Annals Designs has arrived in the etsy shop – and it’s easy to see that she’s the more talented of the two of us.

Feel free to drop by and let us know what you think.