I think most knitters would agree that they want their knits to be used by their loved ones and passed on through the family.

Our family has one such knit – it was made in 1978 for mine and my sister’s Christening day. I was 4 so I didn’t wear it but since then it has been worn by at least 6 members of our family (both on the paternal and maternal side) – 2 of which were my son’s.

It was made by my paternal grandmother, who still knits today but suffers from arthritis so can’t do anything so fancy. Before her arthritis got too bad she made my sister and I blankets to match the gown.

It’s a bit more cream than white and my youngest only just got into it at 5 months (he’s a big boy) but I love it and it is safely packed away for the next baby in the family (maybe the one in the pregnant belly showing beside me in the picture).

P.S. there’s still free shipping in my shop if you mention my 2 year anniversary at checkout – till the end of September.


Back in January I took part in a Ravelry swap based on new techniques – I chose felting. I only got around to trying it out a few weeks ago but it took off from there.

swap 004

The brown and pink bag is made from the Althea bag pattern and wool that I was sent as part of the swap. The turquoise and purple bag is crocheted from lopi (which I wasn’t sure would felt but did beautifully) and the odd shaped object was supposed to be a felted tie – a work in progress as my husband won’t wear anything knitted (his mum used to run a yarn shop) so I tried to fool him. Unfortunately it felted to well and is now too small and too thick to be a tie – it may transform into a snake like draught excluder!

swap 005 swap 006 swap 007

On Friday I sent off my package for the hometown swap in the ‘Knewbie Knit Kit’ swap group on Ravelry.

Today my parcel arrived – from Idaho!




The smell was intoxicating and I soon found out what it was – Huckleberry! The parcel was an explosion of purple with gorgeous yarns, huckleberry sweets, coffee and tea, huckleberry soap and pictures and magnets from Idaho. Thank you so much for a little slice of your hometown Kikipotamus.

I may have mentioned Ravelry – once or twice – before in this blog. Well one of the groups I belong to is the Knewbie Kit Swap. It’s the first time I’ve ever tried ‘swapping’ stuff and I’ve just posted my third monthly package.

This month is a secret swap – we won’t know who is spoiling us until the end. We all filled in questionnaires, were given a person to send a package to and were free to stalk their profiles and blogs and forum posts. This afternoon I received this:


I read the lovely card:


And the back:


Before ripping off the paper to find:


A gorgeous gingerbread man finger puppet – with hidden treasure:


My spoiler must have been reading my forum posts as I mentioned in one group that I wanted to knit one after seeing Alan Dart’s pattern in Simply Knitting.




As you can see I’ve lost him already – so I will still have to dig that pattern out 🙂

you may have noticed that I haven’t been showing you the ‘latest’ in my shop for ohh at least a fortnight (it’s still there!). I’ve been doing some ‘me’ knitting. I’ve made myself a cowl in the same designs as those in my shop from some lovely mohair and alpaca pink and grey yarn I received on a destash swap. Some fingerless mitts that I’m trying to pluck up the courage to felt (they are currently too big for that purpose) and I’m back to knitting some preemie cardigans for Loving Hands – from some yarn I received from a fellow charity knitter in a yarn swap and some beautiful merino and silk yarn I received from Yarn box. I hope to post pictures of them all later this week (you can see the Yarn box yarn in my flickr photos below).

On chatting with my mum I explained that I now find it hard to put the knitting needles down, it’s my way of relaxing, so no matter how busy I am with work I always have to have one project on the needles – today she gave me a pattern and her choice of yarn for a cardigan she’s fallen in love with – solves what to get her for Mother’s Day!

Just before Christmas my little sister asked me to make her a couple of hot water bottle covers as she’d got some without covers and didn’t like not having that extra layer.

I looked in a few mags for patterns and sort of followed one but I wanted to do something different. So I put a pocket in the front – just right for giving your hot water bottle a hug when you need a bit of comfort or need to warm your hands. I didn’t follow the guide in the pattern to knit in 2 pieces and insert the bottle by rolling it up and dropping it into the neck so I made one with a flap at the back to insert it instead.

My first attempt was completed just before she left after Christmas. The trouble was that I had lots of bits to sew up – the second one is still sitting waiting for me to sew it up.

After making these two I started to think about the pattern, surely it could be done with minimal sewing. I’ve therefore been working on a pattern to sew the cover in 2 pieces – the cover and the pocket.


I’ve had a lot of positive feedback about it so I need to perfect the pattern and perhaps put that in my etsy shop too.

In a bid to make more of my etsy shop I’ve had to bring in a new model – please welcome the beautiful Doris!


She’s modelling my latest creation made with yarn that I bought from this shop on etsy.

Here are a few others I’ve made since Christmas: